Why Partner

Focus on clinical care while we handle the rest

DxTx offers its affiliates the freedom to confidently handle their clinical work, while we manage the challenges of running their independent practice. From human resources and marketing to accounting and IT, our partners receive industry-leading, non-clinical support to ensure that their business runs smoothly and effectively.

Types of Practices

Our Focus

Interventional Pain Management


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Join a Consortium of
Industry Leaders

We know that it can be “lonely at the top”. That's why we're creating a consortium of independent, top-tier physicians and business leaders who share a common mission but may go about it differently - cultivating a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and strategies. We work under a pull rather than push model, meaning that we help implement the changes you want to see in your practice, but don't force changes to your operations that don't fit with your practice philosophy. 

Maintain your Autonomy

We believe in physician leadership and physician respect. You shouldn’t have to choose between being an isolated, independent practitioner or being an employed cog in the healthcare system. DxTx offers the best of both worlds - allowing you the ability to maintain autonomy as the primary decision-maker of your practice while benefiting from being a part of a bigger, shared platform.

Plan for the Next Phase

Whether you clearly see opportunities for growth but need the operational or financial support to execute, want to spend less time on administrative work that is taking you away from patient care, or are considering an eventual sale of your practice to a junior physician who can continue your legacy — DxTx makes your desired transition seamless. We custom-tailor our partnerships to meet your objectives while allowing you to “take some chips off the table” in the process.

Become Stronger
with Scale

Remember when being a physician meant being with patients? Healthcare is a complex, ever-changing, and dynamic landscape. We use our scale to create shared resources that help physicians navigate the latest updates from payers, patients, state and federals government agencies, and clinical research. We are able to lighten much of your non-clinical load so you can feel fully supported and confident focusing more time on patient care.